To maintain safety and proper class etiquette for a positive and respectful dojang environment, we request our students to follow these guidelines.
  • Students must address instructors according to rank.
  • Upon entering the school, please maintain a quiet and focused demeanor.
  • Enter class with energy and demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning.
  • Unless coming from another function, children should already be dressed out. Adult students should dress at dojang.
  • Take shoes off only upon entering the dojang floor. Line footwear neatly on the inside wall of dojang wall. Place workout gym bags in top corner of work out room.
  • Respect other’s property and belongings.
  • Keep doboks (uniforms) neat, clean, and odor free with patches in proper placement.
  • Practice good personal hygiene habits.
  • Please remove all jewelry (except wedding band) before entering class.
  • Respect the class that is in session:
  •           a) Lower the volume of your conversation.
              b)Remain off of the teaching area until your class.
              c) Quietly prepare for your class.
  • Demonstrate a formal “Bow” as you enter and exit from the main classroom.
  • Always be well mannered and courteous toward others.
  • Introduce your guests or visitors to the instructor and show them guest seating.
  • No unattended or unsupervised children are permitted.
  • In training, focus your eyes and attention on your instructor.
  • Always show your best attention and give your instructor positive response to questions.
  • Demonstrate proper posture and attitude at all times.
  • No vulgarities or obscene language in the school.
  • No gum chewing in the classroom.
  • Steady and consistent attendance is essential to progress. Please notify your instructor if you will be missing class.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your class.
  • Learn to tie your dobok and belt properly.
  • Sparring is not permitted between students unless an instructor is present and all safety equipment is worn.
  • Do not attempt to kick at or “horse around “ with the instructor or other students.
  • Student and parent parking prior to 5pm should be directly in back of school or in municipal parking lot next to the courthouse.
  • Children should never be left unattended. If parent is in class, please make other arrangements for child care.
  • No food or drink allowed in school other than waiting room area