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Master Instructor Woody Holloway, 4th Dan Hapkido training in traditional Korean Hapkido for 20 years under Master Don Holcomb 6th Dan of Jackson Tn (pictured right).  Woody is a member of the USKMAF United States Korean Martial Arts Federation under Grandmaster West 9th Dan Hapkido Master.  GM West trained and was a member of the Korean Tiger Division.  He has been a black belt in Hapkido since 1967.  Woody  has trained with Dr He-Young Kimm founder of Hanmudo (a sister art to Hapkido),  Master Mike Reed 5th Dan and many other master instructors. 
Woody's goal is to teach people true self defense, getting away from any kind of sport fighting.   This is an effort to make the streets safer and create better citizens.  Hapkido gives people more self-esteem, more confidence and a better feeling about themselves, even in their relationships and in their work places.